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Financial Analysis Services

A clear understanding of your business’s finances is what enables you to reduce your costs and increase your profits. Financial health is also one of the greatest indicators of a business’s potential for long-term success. However, the first step to improving your financial literacy is to perform a financial analysis, which often separates industry leaders from the rest of the field.

A financial analysis utilises information about the past performance of a company to predict how it will perform in the present and the future. This analysis is vital, as it provides a thorough assessment of the stability, viability and profitably of a business.

It is important to recognise that small business owners who are knowledgeable about their business finances also tend to have companies with greater profits and revenues, as well as more employees and generally better success.

Financial Analysis Services Perth – let Accurate Accounts help!

Financial Analysis Services Perth | Accurate Accounts Subiaco

Financial Analysis Services
What are the benefits?

Benefits of our Business Analysis Services

Decisions become clearer
By allowing a financial analyst to compare your company over a period of time, tough business decisions become much easier as you gain a greater understanding of your costs and profitability.

Reduce your costs
An evaluation of your processes – including sales, expenses, inventory, capital expenditures and cash handling – can highlight simple operational changes that can be made to reduce costs.

Compare your business to your competitors
A financial analysis allows you to determine how your business compares to your competition. Benchmarking also enables you to analyse your business against industry trends and performance gaps.

Create efficiencies
A financial analysis can also create efficiencies – determine your true costs to understand where you are losing and making money.

Become more informed
A financial analysis will highlight important information in a simple way, so you’re able to make more informed decisions when it comes to investing and lending capital, as well as purchasing materials and leasing or renting equipment.

Guarantee continued growth
Business objectives and goals are often set based on financial terms, so understanding this often complex language enables business leaders to read and utilise financial data to guarantee the continued growth of their company.

Can I create my own financial analysis?

Financial Analysis Services Perth | Accurate Accounts Subiaco
Analysing Your Own Financial Situation

Preparing a financial analysis requires a lot of work and skill. A strong and effective financial analysis will consist of five areas – revenue, profitability, stability, solvency and liquidity – and each one contains its own set of complicated ratios and data points.

Your company’s statements and accounts will contain a great deal of vital information and data. Although you may be an expert in what you do, it is important to accept that you may not be able to discover the hidden meanings contained in these statements.

Understanding how accounts connect to one another is a fundamental part of financial analysis, as is being able to use your business’s numerical data to uncover activity patterns. Only a handful of experts have these skills, which is why it may not be possible for you to conduct your own financial analysis without professional assistance.

As with many small business owners, you simply may not have the time to conduct such an in-depth analysis yourself. If this is the case, at Accurate Accounts, we will be able to conduct the financial analysis on your behalf, providing you with the knowledge that will drive your business towards greater profits and revenues.

Accurate Accounts are Experts for Financial Analysis Services Perth

How can our financial analysis service help you?

At Accurate Accounts, we’ll measure the revenue, profitability, stability, solvency and liquidity of your business by analysing ratios rather than just dollar amounts. These ratios will enable you to examine relationships to gain insightful information for decision-making. The ratios we calculate provide a wealth of data that cannot be found elsewhere, and they will act as tools to aid your judgement, making you an all-round better business manager.

We will take the financial results of three annual periods and compare them for you. To do this, we will need your trial balance for each financial year. Once we have this, our experts will be able to uncover numerical patterns that are not apparent on the surface. Performed regularly, a financial analysis can help your small business recognise trends and adapt to those that are impacting your operations. Ultimately, our financial analysis service will provide you with a measure of your company’s success from an outside perspective.

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